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Tree pruning & maintenance in Peakhurst

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Your trees reflect on you

When it comes to your yard or property’s aesthetics, trees can be the deciding factor between beautiful or beware. A strong, healthy tree or one that is dying and dishevelled is often the difference between an immaculate, inviting home and one that seems desolate and pedestrian. Our pruning and maintenance services ensure you that, be it at your business or home, your trees will have a positive effect on how others view your property.

Pruning and maintenance services

Pruning, trimming and certain kinds of maintenance are essential to a tree’s health. Along with preserving the desired symmetrical appearance of a tree, pruning and trimming can improve its structural integrity, mitigate the risk of broken or falling branches and – when pruned properly – lessen the amount of required future maintenance. As with all our services, we’ll leave your yard clean and tidy. 
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Ask our arborist

Knowing how to best care for and improve the health of the trees on your property is important. At MTS Tree Service, our professional arborist (a specialist in tree cultivation, care, surgery and disease prevention) will give you customised advice, specific to your situation, on what to expect and how to care for your trees in the future. Simply put, we’re here to help you!

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