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Stump grinding & removal in Peakhurst

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When to remove tree stumps

Aside from being unattractive, tree stumps rot, becoming a home for fungus and decaying matter which can spread diseases to surrounding plants. As if being ugly and endangering the health of surrounding plants isn’t bad enough, they also have the tendency to be hazardous to people, breaking toes and causing falls. Whether or not your stump should be removed isn’t the question, it’s when.

Healthier, safer, and better-looking yards

Helping your yard transform into a healthier, safer, better-looking place is an easy choice to make. MTS Tree Service provides a great way to get that stump out of your yard for good, without any chance of it growing back or rotting. No stump is too big for us, as we have the tools and equipment necessary to finish any job. Call us today to get tree stumps out of your yard.

Safe, effective and efficient

Don't wait to get that old stump removed. Give us a call and we'll be happy to provide excellent service for your needs.
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