Tree removal

Tree removal service in Peakhurst

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Taking great care with tree removals

Whether in a precarious position between two structures or purely because of its immense size, removing a tree can be a difficult and dangerous task. At MTS Tree Service, we take extreme precaution and care with all our tree removal jobs in order to safeguard against any potential hazards or risks. As with all our services, we’ll leave your yard or property clean and tidy.

When is tree removal a good idea?

Tree removal can be the answer in a variety of situations. At times, the situation is simply that the home or business owner might want a different aesthetic for their property. Removing the tree can give the owner a clean start, enabling them to design the yard to their unique specifications. Other situations are based entirely off the declining health of the tree or its dangerous positioning, and removal is the only option.
lightning strikes

Emergency situations

A lightning strike, an unseen disease, or an aged branch can cause large branches to fall, endangering those nearby and potentially damaging your home, business or vehicle. When this happens, MTS Tree Service is your best option for a highly trained team that has a quick response time.

Available after hours for emergency situations

Safely remove trees and other yard eyesores with the expert help from MTS Tree Service. Call today to get started.
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