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You can rest easy because when it comes to tree removals; our team has a flawless safety record. Our highly experienced arborists ensure your property is kept completely free of damage.

MTS Tree Services have full Public Liability Insurance so you're in safe hands. We remove trees of all sizes & use our own cranes for large trees. Give our team call today and let us give you an unbeatable quote.

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Professional people in tree services. Well mannered & polite. Was a pleasure watching these guys work. Very thorough job! Will recommend to anyone needing trees removed... Thank you very much Mark

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Tree removal Mortdale

Small & Big Trees Removed

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Yes we remove small trees too! And when it comes to big trees, we use our own cranes and we pass the savings on to you. We have ample experience in tree removals and lopping for all types of trees in the Mortdale area.

  • Tree Trimming and lopping
  • Big and small trees removed
  • Arborist reports available
  • Tree cutting and pruning
  • Local tree removal specialists
  • Emergency tree removal service

Tree Removal & Tree Care Services Mortdale

Our local tree arborists remove all types of trees in a safe professional manner. When you choose 'MTS Tree Services' you can count on a service that is fast friendly & professional.

Emergency Tree Removal Service

Emergency tree removal Mortdale

Need immediate help with storm damaged trees? Our fast response times & dedicated crew have you covered! Call now for all emergency tree removal jobs 24hrs a day!

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Commercial Tree Removal Service

Commercial tree removal Mortdale

Our modern equipment is capable of handling commercial tree removal jobs at scale. We have a highly trained crew with an impeccable safety record. All work is 100% GTD!

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Tree Lopping & Pruning

Tree lopping service Mortdale

Local Mortdale tree loppers with 21+ years of experience. From dangerous overhanging branches to dead & diseased trees, we can tidy up your tree and make it safe again.

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Tree Surgeon Services

Tree surgeon services Mortdale

Our tree surgeons can perform tree sculpting & tree felling. We can cutting & shaping your tree's branches without affecting the health of the tree. We can also apply braces.

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FAQs About Tree Removal

In modern arboriculture tree lopping is considered to be a bad practice. When tree branches are lopped, masses of new dormant buds are created.

When these new buds start re-growing they are poorly attached to the remaining branches. As they continue to grow larger they can pose a danger because their main attachments are only surface deep.

After lopped trees grow back in a few years, they can virtually be an accident waiting to happen. The poorly attached new growth can easily be broken off in high winds. And these falling branches can cause bad injuries and damage to property.

Lopping the unwanted branches is merely a temporary fix that will always require ongoing tree maintenance. Once a tree has been lopped, it will usually require lopping again every few years to remove the poorly attached regrowth.

When you perform lopping on a tree it also places the tree under great stress. By removing large amounts of foliage the tree doesn't have the surface area it needs for its energy via photosynthesis. This can result in what's known as epicormic regrowth that is very unstable. When this happens to a tree it's difficult to rectify and trees usually die as result of this.

When trees have large wounds from being lopped, it can allow pathogens and decay to attack the tree because the trees natural defence system isn't able to combat the infections. Trees can also suffer sunburn after lopping which can lead to bark splitting, complete branch failure and death to the tree.

In most scenarios, yes, you will need council approval to remove large trees from your property or business. However there are some exceptions.

For a full list of exemptions you can refer to this comprehensive tree removal guidelines PDF document from the Council.

Most of the trees we remove from St George homes and businesses require council approval first. In general, trees more than 3 metres high, or with a crown of more than 2 metres will require a permit to remove.

It's imperative that you get proper approval first because the fines are very serious (up to $110,000) and are enforced often. You can view some of the legislation associated with tree removal in St George here.

If you're unsure then give us a call or contact us and we'll be glad to give you some free advice about your problem tree.

There are only four scenarios when you do not require council approval before pruning your trees. Can see view exemptions below:

You do not need approval if:
  1. Prune 10% or less of your tree's canopy (this can only be done once in a calendar year).
  2. Prune a branch from your tree which extends over the roof of a residence. Clearance pruning back to the gutter line of the residence is permissible.
  3. In storm events and emergency situations please call the SES on their 24 hour helpline on 13 25 00 to report any storm damaged trees.
  4. After confirming the tree has not been identified as heritage significance, you can prune or remove any of these exempt trees without applying to Council.
Info courtesy of Council tree removal guidelines

Yes! For a nominal fee we can fill in all of the details for you including the relevant reasons why the tree should be removed. We can also supply an arborist report.

Providing the right reasons to have your tree removed in the application can be tricky. In general, there is between 1 to 2 week wait to get approval and for the council inspector come out and have a look.

Provided you employ our services for your tree removal requirements, we can help you submit the application ensuring the right information and reasons are put forth to the council.

A tree removal application form can be downloaded here for the greater St George area which falls under the Georges River Council.

A tree removal application form can be downloaded here for the greater St George area which falls under the Georges River Council.

Thanks to Google Maps Satellite view, If you provide your full address on our 'contact us page' we can give you a reasonably accurate free quote.

Tree removal prices vary depending on the size of your tree, and how easy it is to gain access to the tree. Basic removal costs are laid out in the list below:
  • Small tree removal: 1 - 1.5 stories high
    Smaller trees like Bottle Pressures or Lilly Pillys that don't Really grow any Taller than a single story house will cost you between $150-$850. Also add an extra $100 if you want the stump removed with stump grinding.
  • Medium tree removal: 1.5 – 3 stories high
    Trees around this height such as Silky oaks, Casuarina trees and Liquidambars generally cost between $650-$1500 to fully remove.
  • Large tree removal: 3 Stories + high
    When it comes to bigger trees the cost depends on the height and spread of the tree. For instance, a skinny gumtree with only a little bit of foliage that is 3 stories high would cost about $1000 to remove. But a mature version of this tree with a bigger trunk and spread would cost closer to $2500 to remove.
  • Extra-large trees:
    Think trees up to 50m tall such as giant eucalyptus gums etc. Some of these very large trees can have trunk diameters up to 3 Meters wide at chest height. Generally, very large trees will cost around $5000, but really big trees can cost up to $7000.

Yes! This is our specialty. No matter how big your tree is, we have the appropriate in-house equipment and expertise to remove it safely and easily.

Very large trees are an MTS Tree Services Specialty! We even have our own cranes for this exact purpose. We can remove any size tree no matter how large it is. We have removed trees with trunks Up to 3 Meters wide and 50 Meters tall!

Yes we do. We use modern stump grinding equipment to remove the remaining tree stump. We also provide stump grinding as a standalone service as well.

We've been called the best stump grinding service in Mortdale! Our ultramodern stump grinding machines help us to provide you with a fast and efficient stump removal service at a highly competitive price.

Absolutely! We leave your premises in a spotless state with no tree debris or left over mess remaining. This is all part of our 5 Star rated service!.

Whether it's tree branches fallen everywhere from our tree pruning or tree lopping service, or woodchip scattered everywhere from our stump grinding service, we clean all debris thoroughly. It's an internal policy at 'MTS Tree Services' that we leave every property in a cleaner state than what we found it.

Expert Tree Removal Services 100% GTD

Your trusted local arborists! MTS Tree Services are ready to help with any tree removal work you need done. With our flawless safety record and 5-star reviews, you're in safe hands.

Tree Removals, Lopping & Pruning in Mortdale

We service Mortdale's surrounding areas too!

Stump grinding Mortdale

Stump Grinding & Removal

Our modern stump grinding equipment can remove any tree stumps on your property no matter how big or small they are.

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Tree pruning Mortdale

Tree pruning & lopping

Get local tree pruning services that comply with Australian standards AS4373. We pride ourselves in caring for your trees the right way.

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Arborist reports Mortdale

Licensed Arborist reports

Need a professional opinion about your tree. With over 21+ years of experience, we can provide you with the right advice and an arborist report.

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